A-10 Metallic print ready to hang with the Tell Me How description of military flight.


Shipped to hundreds of pilots, active duty and retired. "Proudly displayed," wrote an F-15 pilot. "Bought one for my brother. He is a Viper guy," said another.

This is the  Warthog   on our stylish Aluminum Print with the Tell Me How ode to military flight. Your A-10 is  seen against a deep red sunset in this metallic edition of the Tell Me How ode to flight posters. It is expertly printed on aluminum dibond which looks amazing and lasts a lifetime.  Colors are highly saturated, even in large monochrome areas. The print is matte and glare-free. The white and bright areas have a faint silky gloss.

- Aluminum dibond 3mm with a white coating

- Printed directly on the aluminum using top grade inks

- Good tonal gradation ensures accurate reproduction

- Matte and glare-free

- Includes a hanging kit

Note to shipping: Aluminum prints are packaged with strong edges to protect the items. In addition, we wrap the item in bubble plastic/craft for additional protection. The average shipping price can be as high as $22. We apologize but we do out best to protect your art while keeping our core product costs low. 

“This is SH! I physically feel every one of your quotes!” wrote an F-15E pilot on receiving his poster. “Only someone who experienced it could write this,” said an F/A-18 pilot. This is the Tell Me How ode to flight written in the year 2020 by an F-35A fighter pilot. “Tell me how to match the feeling of flight without flying,” it begins, and then continues through all of the phases of flight.