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"You did an outstanding job of encapsulating the fighter pilot ‘feeling’. Great job. Makes me miss it more."

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"It's a poster worthy of any aviators wall. People suddenly get it."

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Our Popular "Say Again" Mugs. Words From The Cockpit. Fighter Pilots. Air refueling. Naval air. SAC. Words from the cockpit.

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They say you'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do. That says it all about our company and our people. We are pilots making products for people who love what they do as much as we love what we do. The posters we make -- they're on our walls, too. The mugs you see hold the coffee we drink. The T-shirts we wear have words on them that motivated us on our deployments. Ditch here wrote our classic ode to military flight. He and his partners run this company on their off duty time. And, all of us say "thank you for coming by."

Mailbag: The Tell Me How Poster


New York


South Carolina

United States Air Force Academy

"It says it all."


The Strike Eagle

Guaranteed For Life. Period.

Mugs "Over Engineered" To Last.

We didn't have to make them this good, but we did. Our one-of-a-kind mugs feature your favorite jet or helicopter and are glazed to last more than 3,000 loads without fading. Made from the finest potters, fired and glazed. Designs inspired by deployments.

Beautiful 18" X 24" Posters.

Our posters are a beautiful works of art done on
Ultra Premium Luster Photo paper, the same paper used by professional photographers to bring out the smallest details in their prints.

#1 New Military Museum Poster

Rated By Top Military Destinations 2021.

"Everyone Stops To Read It. I Can't Thank You Enough."

F-14 pilot

"'Tell Me How' brings those unique feelings out in a way that matches Richard Bach’s classic book on flying fighters, "Stranger To The Ground”, while at the same time making it much more concise and personal along the lines of the immortal "High Flight” poem that all us of know so well. Makes you miss those days and envy those still doing it."

Craig “Pontiff” Pope, Museum Director/Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association