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“It reminded me of us punching holes in the sky at Tyndall!”

“The Tell Me How poster really captured the essence of my career,  as each paragraph took me back to the sounds, smells and actions of my time as a Naval Aviator, my time spent with East coast CVWs, and a stint with USMC MAG 11. I couldn’t thank my daughter enough for this beautiful Christmas gift!” 

“I'm a Viper guy myself, and my Tell Me How poster is hanging proudly here in the house.  (I bought this one) for my former Eagle-driver dad's Christmas present.”

“My son got his T-45  yesterday and loved it and so did his fiancé and he brought it to work and so many of the other pilots were awe struck!!!”

“I ordered a Tell Me How acrylic print that arrived quickly, in fact 7+ days before the estimated delivery date. The packaging was 1st rate and protected the print very well. The end-product is fabulous, everything as advertised and more. It is evident that quality is important to this company and they're proud of the work they do. The owner sent informative notes throughout the process with promises to "make things right" if an issue were to arise. Thank you!”

"Ditch, you really captured it. I think we've been waiting for a long time for someone to capture the feel of "the office." There's so much in the text that only we ever experienced, privately, and could never find the words to express. So, just wanted to thank you for the words, but also what the poster does for those who read it then look at me and feel he/she knows something personal, private about me in a way I would never openly share." Pilot, F-15 A/C/E

"Outstanding! Brings back the feel, smells and noise of flying the Viper. Miss it. Ain’t nothing like it and no way to replicate it." F-16 Pilot