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“The Tell Me How poster really captured the essence of my career,  as each paragraph took me back to the sounds, smells and actions of my time as a Naval Aviator,  USMC MAG 11!” 

“I'm a Viper guy myself, and my Tell Me How poster is hanging proudly here in the house.”

“My son got his T-45  yesterday and loved it and he brought it to work and so many of the other pilots were awe struck!!!”

“I ordered a Tell Me How acrylic print that arrived quickly. The end-product is fabulous, everything as advertised and more.”

"Ditch, you really captured it. I think we've been waiting for a long time for someone to capture the feel of "the office." Pilot, F-15 A/C/E

"Outstanding! Brings back the feel, smells and noise of flying the Viper. Miss it." F-16 Pilot